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How To Pass Your Learners & Drivers Licence Easily. Find Advanced Driving Schools In South Africa

Driving in South Africa is becoming more and more popular with our increasing population and to drive legally you need to pass a few tests! Depending on what driver's code you apply for you need to do a written (The Learners License) and practical (The actual Drivers License) exam. These driving license tests must be done through the department of traffic or licence departments. Once you have got your learners license you are half way there to driving on the road by yourself! When preparing for your practical drivers test it is highly recommended that you go to a traffic or driving school. More of these facts can be learnt on this website, so read on, enjoy and pass your learners and drivers licences!

 I have stopped thinking that having an L sign on your car when driving is actually stupid. No! I think it says to the other drivers on the road: "Give me more time and space and we will all get home safely". It is just a warning to the other road users that I am practicing, so please be patient!

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Latest Thinking for this Popular Website... the Gautrain, Toll Roads and Modern Travel in South Africa

In August 2011 it was decided to expand this website to alert drivers to the new toll road system, traffic violations and traffic fines as well as alternative forms of transport such as the Gautrain. So stay tuned for reliable up to date, easily found information you need on "driving or travelling for work and pleasure in South Africa. Take a look at the new page about the Gautrain Guide. A summary of the Gautrain timetable can be accessed by clicking the link. Take a look at where to catch the Gautrain at the various stations including Rhodesfield mainline station in Kempton Park. Of course you will want to know about Guautrain costs and how to pay for the Gautrain services because cash is not accepted on the train. Take a look at the Gauteng Gold Card. Review the Gautrain Bus, Gautrain Bus Routes & Gautrain Bus Schedules & Gautrain Bus Fares & Gautrain Timetables. Review info on the Sandton Gautrain hub station as well as an introduction to Gautrain prices. and Gautrain Rail Passes... 7 Day Pass and 35 Day Pass. Save Money Less Travel Hassles

As time proceeds you will find highly relevant information on the following in depth topics

  1. Traffic and traffic fines or offences
  2. Toll roads
  3. Potholes and other hazards
  4. Saving costs for the motorist

Today's Driving Licence Training Articles:

Parallel Parking Once you have mastered the parallel parking technique you will be on your way to passing the driver licence test! On this page we will go through all the steps that are required for parallel parking by you in the drivers examination...

Code 10 examination... What you need to do before your code 10 examination ... The pre trip inspection is always conducted under supervision from the examiner. The weather conditions do not matter when it comes to the pre trip inspection for a code 10b driver's license.

Driver's License Yard Test: 3 Point Turn How to be successful in making those difficult 3 point turns.

Drivers licence applicants are experiencing major problems when it comes to booking for a drivers licence test. I have heard of countless problems among people when trying to get through to the call centre. Even the few available testing centres that take bookings over the counter are a no go area because of the long queues. Most of the people get there at 5 am, only to find a long queue. After you have stood in the queue for hours, there is a possibility of being cut off because they claim they can only book a certain amount of people per day.

What To Expect In The Drivers Licence Yard Test ard test during your driver's licence is the first part of the exam. It is also the most intricate part of the test. You should be informed about what is expected from you

How To Do The Driver's License Pre Trip Inspection Test... There are 2 types of pre trip inspection tests: The exterior check and the interior check. On this page we will look at the exterior check of the pre trip inspection...

Know the Basics About for the Code 10 Drivers Licence Test If you want a code 10 then learn what's required here. The code 10 as it is called is the heavy motor vehicle test

How To Control A Car and Pass Your Drivers Licence The Three (3) Foot Controls Of A Vehicle... The clutch, the brake and the accelerator. To learn more please read below:

Code 10 Starting Procedure: Manual And Automatic Heavy Motor Vehicles  The code 10 drivers license is dedicated specifically to getting your driving licence for heavy motor vehicles. Once you have this license you may drive any motor vehicle from the size of a truck downwards.

How To Handle The Steering Wheel: Code 10 Driving Licence Test... All The Information You Need To Handle A Heavy Motor Vehicle (Code 10)

Drivers Licence Testing: The Alley Docking Yard Test... The driving examiner will decide from which side you start your first alley docking manoeuvre. The tester will show you where to go in the yard once this has been decided.

Preparation for Passing the Code 10 Drivers Test... Motor cars or vehicles that fall under code 10 drivers test class are vehicles of 3500kg or more. The minimum total length for these vehicles is 6 metres long.

You must insure your car before driving on the road. The best place to get an insurance quote is on the save on car insurance quotation site.

Those Awful Licensing Centre ...

I have received many calls from people who are still experiencing problems with either traffic departments, renewing drivers licence, call centres not answering their phones, failing tests and the most important issue: getting a booking for their drivers test. All we can say at the moment is hold on, your not the only one! The Licencing departments are not as well organised as they should be and in this case patience is a virtue! If you are patient you will get the opportunity to go to the respective traffic departments and proceed with your learner or driver tests!

Interesting issues about driving:

Can I go For A Driving Licence Test In My Own Car?

The Advantages About Having A Drivers Licence & A Car

Lately learner drivers have been 'taken for a ride' by driving and traffic schools. The thing is not many people realise this or not what to look for. Do not worry though because here at e you all the information you require and desire!

How do you know if the driving school is just taking your money and not giving you the best driving instructor service and results? How do you know that the driving instructor is qualified to be taking you for lessons? Before you get into the instructors car, ask to see his instructors certificate, if they are the real deal they will always have this document with them!

Do you know that even if you have an accident with the driving (Traffic) school vehicle, or you damage the vehicle during a lesson for some reason (For example: you and the accelerator pedal become friends and then out of the blue you hit a pole...). This should be not held against you! Do not let the traffic school make you pay for this mishap. The money you pay for the driving lesson goes towards covering the car you do it in (Should you damage the vehicle in any way), the vehicle has to be insured by the driving school for learner drivers to drive! Here is a quick tip on how to measure a legal driving school. If they don't have these, think twice before you continue with their services.

Here is tip for taking lessons with a driving school:

Do not pay for a packages (10 lessons up front). What if you find out that your driving school has suddenly disappeared or moved? Or after 3 lessons you don't like the way the traffic instructors teach you? Be careful about paying up front... If you are going to do this make sure you have adequate information that shows the driving school is trustworthy! So if you are on the pay as you drive system you can pull out or reconsider whenever you want. You have no obligations to stay with the drivers school!

Beeld newspaper had published an article on what Mr. Jeff Radebe and the Transport Department didn't want the public to find out about the Enatis Licence System. The best way to resolve this Enatis matter is to shut down the company. The question on everyone's minds is: Exactly where did the 400 Million Rand go?

I got a booking for my drivers licence... Want to know how I got it?... The best option is to phone through although this is very time consuming! Numbers to dial include the following:

  • 0860 358 358 Ekurhuleni
  • 0860 428 8364 Gauteng Provincial Government

Vehicle licence applications will cost an extra R30

Jeff Radebe announced on the 8th of May 2007 that an extra fee will be charged to motorists (For vehicle registration) as from the 1st of July 2007. This is for the financing and maintenance of the new electronic national traffic information system (Enatis).

Testing centres are giving us very poor service

Testing centres have got it quite bad, but that is no reason to take it out on us 'the public' when we try to understand what is happening. If the test centres are frustrated about their work they should find something else to do with their lives. Who should be more frustrated? If your learners is expiring next week and you can't get a booking for your drivers wouldn't you be very frustrated?

To further your complaint about any licence crisis please call the following number, (It was given to me by the Edenvale testing centre):  011 471 2222. They should help you with any queries and complaints you have.

On the 09/05/2007 the minister apologised to the nation about the short comings of the system. The minister stated that Enatis was working at 100%. I have personally not seen any evidence before or after this statement!

I have been keeping a close eye on the whole situation. I have come to realise that Jeff Radebe and his department only seem to put the effort in for motorists, car sales and people who need to renew their license discs and driver licences. WHAT ABOUT US? The people who desperately need a learners and drivers licence booking?

"They are forcing people to drive without a licence, the cost involved to book every time is so high that it is nearly worth the risk getting a fine." South Africans talk about the difficulties of getting a drivers license and other concerning matters. Please feel free and tell us your story!

"Testing each station individually before connecting them all up, is not rocket science." Said Rob Handfield when he wrote an article in Auto Safety about the Department of Transport licence fiasco.

At the rate things are going with this licence system crisis, I think the Transport department is just putting up a face. I have not seen an improvement as was promised to the public! The worst of all is having to write your learners test again because of this unprofessionallism...

People will have to have much patience than they ever had to before the system was upgraded... booking for any licence or getting anything done with the traffic department is indeed a miracle.

New Upgraded License System Not Up To Standard

Okay good people, we all thought that the "New upgraded license system" will be working by now! (2007/04/16)But from what I have gathered most of the testing centres have not been upgraded. And so far, we cant get bookings or secure learners and drivers bookings.

Some testing centres do take private bookings. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of the names and locations of these driving centres.

The Ekurhuleni number: 0860 358 358 has not changed. Although you will often here people at the licensing department giving you long stories and making up excuses for no answer! I have had personal experience with the call centres and testing stations. I stood in a queue for about an hour while one person was in operation. The 4 or 5 other people working there were talking, having some lunch and just socializing while the phone kept on ringing... For an hour! This is unbelievable but unfortunately it is out of our control and we cannot do anything about it!

Useful Driving Associated Links

Ekurhuleni's call centre

Find your nearest testing centres here

What Are We Doing About the Situation at Roodepoort Testing station?

News on the licence fraud and corruption in testing stations

Hold on to your seats Gauteng drivers, because all licence plates will be replaced from the beginning of this year (January).

If you are looking for tips, hints and study material this website has it all! For either your drivers or learners licence.

Booking Driver Centre Contact Details | Drivers Licence & Learners Licence

If you want to book for a learners or a drivers test, you need to dial 0860 358 358 ( Ekurhuleni, East Rand) and for Gauteng (Pretoria) the City of Johannesburg you must dial the number 0860 4288364. When doing this please be very patient so be prepared to stay on phone.

You can also go and book your drivers licence and learners test in person through the following testing centres ... Langlaagte testing centre, Midrand, Randburg, Roodeport and Sandton. Again be warned, as the queues for booking are not "normal".

East Rand Call centres are not up to the standards of where they should be, but after a while you will notice that the Gauteng Licensing Departments and Call Centres offer friendly service and are wiling to help solve your problems.

If you have ever been to a South African Licencing department you would of heard a lot about the promising systems that will save Gauteng drivers to be and give us a better service where we can easily book for our Learner and Driver tests, we hope the Licencing department keeps their promise and saves us from this chaos. The stress of not getting your learners and drivers licence ends us up in the recent experienced licence corruption.

If you are reading this but you are living in the Eastern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Limpopo, North West and Western Cape, please contact us and tell us if getting a drivers licence is as hard as it is in Gauteng.

To all fellow South Africans, traffic officers, drivers, testing stations, driving instructors, driving schools, road users etc. you can make a difference! So please try your best!

Find Out How To Get Or Apply For Your Learners And Driving Licenses In South Africa

If you are planning to be counted as one of South Africa's code 8, 10 or code 14 drivers and you are on your way to apply for your learners or drivers licence My Drivers Licence .Co.Za. is here for you! We will help you to the best of our ability, so you can get your licenses no matter what they are!

We will be assisting you in all the do's and don'ts when applying for your learners or drivers licence straight from the experiences of people who went through the driving process themselves. You will master it no time, so don't worry. You will find useful articles and information on South Africa's advanced driving schools, driving lessons, drivers test, learners tests, cars and road signs ... So buckle up! Find out why its hard to get a drivers licence booking in Gauteng.

All The South African Driving Information You Need To Have

If you thought the Governments Enatis system definition meant effective, working 100%! This is a definition of ENATIS that looks more on the reality side of things! (Told by BJ's Driving School)

  1. E = Eish
  2. N = Not
  3. A = Available
  4. T = Today
  5. I = I'm
  6. S = Sorry

14/07/2007 ... Maybe you all heard the story from the media of the Enatis website being hacked recently. I don't have the full story on that. But I visited the site, they published their views on that, saying" There is no way the site could have been hacked, because it was designed like that and any attempts to do so, will be fruitless, because the site is managed differently from the Enatis station system"

Get ready to receive more traffic fines and even speeding tickets from Ekurhuleni Metro police. The chief of police Robert McBride has issued this. Beeld newspaper reported on Friday (13/07/2007) that "McBride had issued letters to officers instructing them to write a minimum of 10 traffic tickets a day. Officers who failed to reach the target would have to do foot patrols for three months and would not be allowed to work overtime".

Just to end off: We at My Drivers Licence do not work for the Department Of Transport or any Licencing Department.

We try our hardest to always keep you up to date with information about your problems of getting a learners licence and a driving licence, so please contact us with your queries!

All the information used in this website has been gained due to first hand experience, research and actual hard work (Going to the Traffic Departments and applying for licenses).